The Heart Made To Share~!

Magic Happens When You Believe In Yourself~!


My NaMe NuR sUhAiLa..,, CaN cAlL mE sUe~..,, BoRn On 01/AuGuSt/1995..,, I'M MaLaYsIaN~

CREDIT~!!!!!! xD
-->moodtheme-> i don't remember when/where i d/l it, but, full credit to the owner~
-->sankyuu~ arigatou~ teremakashi~

NewS --> Zutto I Will LOVE You Forever~!<3

Yamashita Tomohisa --> The Great NewS Leader Ever~! <3

Nishikido Ryo ---> Hottest Guy Ever~! <3

Koyama Keiichiro ---> The Best Guy Ever~!

Shigeaki Kato ---> The Smartest Guy Ever~!

Yuya Tegoshi ---> The Sweet Guy Ever~!

Masuda Takahisa ---> The Cutest Guy Ever~!